2021 Cloudbric Roadmap Explained

Greetings from Cloudbric.

Last month, we released our Roadmap for 2021 to share our yearly goals and vision with our holders.

We received a number of requests from our readers as the Roadmap encompassed industry-specific jargon related to blockchain and IT security platforms Cloudbric is working on.

Hopefully, this post will help with your understanding of our Roadmap and where we’re headed.

1. Service & Marketing

The 2021 Cloudbric Roadmap 2021 is divided into two sections: Service and Marketing. The Service column deals with our ongoing projects and new services in development, whereas the Marketing section details marketing activities to promote all our important projects.

2. A new focus — The Cryptobric App

The Cloudbric brand is built upon our forte in web security. In 2021, we’re working to build a new core business: our Cryptobric App, a security app for personal mobile devices. We plan to release a new, updated version of the App in Q2 of this year that features integration with 3rd party services.

1) Cryptobric App, as is.

We’ve updated our Cryptobric App to its current version 2.0 since the original version was launched in August of 2019. The Cryptobric 2.0 features integration with the Klip Wallet via Kakao’s Klip App2App function.

> Read more about Klay on Cryptobric: https://cloudbric.medium.com/klay-by-klaytn-is-now-available-on-cryptobric-d1b5f92354a0

This adoption of Klip App2App is the very first among the KCT (Klaytn Compatible Tokens). In other words, the Cryptobric App has laid the foundation for Klip, thus can apply any services based on Klaytn (including the transfer of any KCT) within the App very quickly (i.e. with minimal development). However, the functionality is not active yet as there are few services available via Klip App2App. Once there are more KCTs on the market, the Cryptobric App can handle the transfer of those tokens seamlessly. Furthermore, we are ready to apply any APIs for new Klaytn services into the Cryptobric App.

2) New Updates coming to Cryptobric 3.0

Cloudbric is working on the new Cryptobric version 3.0 to be released this year; the key focus will be on the added security for personal mobile devices. Simply put, we plan to encrypt the client-server communication (based on the same technology used in VPNs) to prevent any personal data breaches.

In essence, the upgrade to the Threat DB (our database of Hacker Wallet Phishing URLs) planned for Q1 of 2021 as well as the 3rd party service integrations are all groundwork for the new Cryptobric 3.0. Consequently, we are upgrading our DB and developing the required integration functionalities to tie in with the App, which should provide universal coverage for any cryptocurrency wallets or exchanges.

3) What are the implications of the new update?

The updated Cryptobric App 3.0, which will cover mobile device security, implies that the security services provided by Cloudbric are not only limited to enterprise customers with web servers but also individuals with personal devices. We believe the new Cryptobric App will showcase the potential cross-over between Cloudbric’s web security services and our new blockchain security. Many users rely on mobile security and antivirus apps to protect their personal devices. Henceforth, Cloudbric’s Cryptobric App will provide a secure connection for users with personal mobile devices in addition to security for cryptocurrency app users via our cryptocurrency wallet.

4) How does the Cryptobric App secure your device?

The Cryptobric App blocks unsecure access to malicious sites based on the Phishing URLs collected by Cloudbric Labs. There was a mass hacking attempt from a cyberterrorist group towards the end of last year; they built a counterfeit website that mimicked a well-known cryptocurrency exchange in Korea — Coinone — and sent out phishing text messages to visitors. The Cryptobric App would notify and warn the user if an invalid or unsecure link is clicked, thus preventing users from accessing malicious sites. We plan to develop the safeguard feature to extend beyond warning the user to proactively blocking out phishing text messages and emails in advance.

5) The Cryptobric App: Beyond Security

The Cryptobric App is already integrated with Klip, providing users with a cryptocurrency wallet with Klaytn-based digital assets: KLAY and CLBK. Cloudbric is working on a digital payment service on the Cryptobric App using CLBK tokens, to be launched in Q3 of 2021. However, the actual implementation of the payment system may depend on government regulations.

3. Blockchain: from technology to business

Cloudbric is planning a ubiquitous service that will utilize the blockchain technology that we’ve developed. Since last year, Our Tech. Strategy team has held weekly meetings to plan and develop a new service; among the countless suggestions, three promising ideas were chosen to be produced. The new services were picked because they are practical, easy to implement, and globally scalable — we plan to announce their launch during Q2 of this year.

Cloudbric expects to set another milestone this year, as we blossom our blockchain technology into an actual business opportunity, beginning with the Cryptobric App 3.0. Accordingly, we promise to market our developments with the launch of our new, updated App.

Stay tuned, for more exciting updates from Cloudbric.

Best regards,

The Cloudbric Team

Cloudbric offers cloud-based security services including WAF, DDoS Protection, and SSL. Visit us and protect your website now! https://www.cloudbric.com

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