CLBK tokens are now available on Kaikas, a Klaytn-based web wallet.

In our last post, we provided you with instructions on adding CLBK to your Kaikas wallet, a Klaytn web wallet as a browser plug-in module, using Smart Contract address. Now that Cloudbric (CLBK) is readily available on Kaikas, however, you can easily add CLBK tokens with a few simple clicks. Here are the steps on adding Cloudbric (CLBK) on Kaikas.

*What is “Kaikas” wallet?
Kaikas wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet provided as a plug-in module on your web browser. Kaikas allows users to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency based on the Klaytn blockchain platfor

1. Download Kaikas on Chrome or Firefox browsers by clicking on one of the links provided below. You can also follow the download link provided on the Kaikas Docs website.

Once the download and installation is complete, a guide will appear showing you the Kaikas icon on your browser, as shown below:

2. Click on the Kaikas icon to run it, and you will be presented with a screen prompting you to create a new password. Once you setup your password, you need to assign a nickname for the account.

3. A unique Seed Phrase is generated for you; you need to save your Seed Phrase in a safe place for future reference. You can click the copy icon (the overlapping squares next to the eye-icon in the Seed Phrase box) to copy your Seed Phrase, after which you can paste the copied phrase as text into other programs such as Microsoft Notepad.

If you lose your Seed Phrase, you will NOT be able recover your account. (Even admins cannot recover your unique Seed Phrase for you, so please don’t forget to back up your Speed Phrase.)

4. Once you login, you can add CLBK tokens by clicking on the “Token List” hamburger menu on the top left, then the “Add Token” button shown on the bottom. You can scroll down the list to find “Cloudbric (CLBK)” or type in Cloudbric CLBK in the “Search tokens” box to find Cloudbric (CLBK) in the list of available cryptocurrency. Select “Cloudbric (CLBK)” then click the “Add” button to finish the process.

5. After you add Cloudbric (CLBK) on your Token List, you will see the screen below. You can now carry out transactions with your CLBK tokens — as in, you can freely deposit and withdraw CLBK from your Kaikas wallet.

Cloudbric (CLBK) is available on Kaikas version 1.0.16 and up.

Cloudbric will continue to strive for a safer cryptocurrency environment.

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