Cloudbric: Candy, Vitamin, Painkiller, or Vaccine?

Which one is your product: a candy, a vitamin, or a painkiller? At Cloudbric, we asked ourselves this, and none of the three suited our web app security service.

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Candy is something that’s great to have but otherwise useless.

A few years ago after a new startup gave a confusing pitch, startup guru David Cummings asked them “Is your product like candy, vitamins, or painkillers?

Meeting confused stares, Cummings outlined all three.

A candy is something that is enjoyable and nice to have. It can be wildly successful, but is ultimately totally unnecessary.

A vitamin, just like the real thing, can offer upgrades or improvements, but is harder to place a value on. This includes optional tools like productivity tools, content aggregators, or web analytics tools, which are nice to have but not usually necessary.

A painkiller is a necessary tool that alleviates critical problems. For instance, recovering deleted data could be a painkiller — so could backing up your site data.

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Vitamins could be helpful, and in the wrong circumstances they may become painkillers.

So, which one is Cloudbric? Certainly to most people on the web, a web app firewall that protects against DDoS, SQL injection, and a host of other cyberattacks would seem to be a vitamin. It’s something that can add to your website but might seem optional, until things go wrong.

Unfortunately, many Cloudbric users first find our product while seeking out a defense against an ongoing attack on their websites. Maybe someone is hitting their site with a DDoS attack to disable it, or their data has already been stolen or erased. They first sign up with Cloudbric in the midst of an ongoing attack. To these people in desperate need, Cloudbric is certainly a painkiller. After you face the threat of cyberattack, you suddenly realize how vulnerable your site is without Cloudbric’s web app protection. So to too many users, Cloudbric is a vitamin which can suddenly and unexpectedly become a painkiller.

But this isn’t the proper use of Cloudbric’s secure protection. Cloudbric should be installed on your site before it goes public. To wait until your site is under attack before installing security measures is about as logical as trying to patch a hole in your boat when you’re already out to sea.

When used properly, Cloudbric is a preventative measure to stop problems before they start. Cloudbric is, at the risk of infuriating Jenny McCarthy, a vaccine. When you start a website, you need to install advanced security immediately, rather than waiting for the hackers to discover you first. Don’t wait until it’s too late to stop an attack. Once your site is vaccinated, you’ll be protected from future attacks.

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Painkillers are good at fixing problems, but only vaccinations prevent them.

As Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” He’d probably be confused by all this talk about websites and DDoS attacks, web app firewalls and data encryption, but this 18th-century man could teach us all a lot about 21st-century cybersecurity.

So, what does Cloudbric mean to you? Candy, vitamin, or painkiller? Or is it a vaccine? Visit to register your website for protection today.

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