Suspension of MEXC Transactions Notice regarding Cloudbric CLB(BEP20).

2 min readMay 12


Greetings, from Cloudbric.

As Cloudbric CLB (BEP20) transactions and deposits have been suspended at MEXC(, we are informing you as follows.

[Name of Token]
- Cloudbric(CLB)
*Cloudbric(CLB)(BEP20) is Binance-based Token
(NOT the Klaytn-based Cloudbric(CLBK))

[MEXC transaction suspension schedule and withdrawal notice]
- Date of suspension: May 12th 2023 (Fri) 23:00 (UTC+9)
- The withdrawal service for Cloudbric (CLB) tokens supported by MEXC will be terminated on June 14th, 2023, at 00:59 (KST).
- You can withdraw your tokens to another trading platform before the closing date. For detailed information about the withdrawal process, please refer to the instructions provided below.
> Withdrawal Process :

Thank you.

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