Cloudbric Developer wins 2nd Place Award at Fintech Hackathon!

Greetings from Cloudbric.

A developer at Cloudbric, received the 2nd Place Award at the 8th annual Fintech Hackathon & Idea/Thesis last August.

The Fintech Hackathon & Idea/Thesis Contest is a public challenge tournament hosted by the Korean Internet & Security Agency (KISA) to promote DeFi, or Decentralized Finance system based on blockchain technology.

Among the 41 teams, made up of 132 contestants, who participated in this year’s Fintech Hackathon, and He’s team <Uribyol-1> won 2nd place. (Note: Uribyol meaning ‘Our Star’ is a nickname given to KITSAT-1, Korea’s first space satellite)

○ Hackathon 2nd Place Award <Uribyol-1>

Project financing combining Land information verification using satellite information and blockchain technology

He has a strong track record of actively participating in competitions and events where his skillset is most valued, including winning the Korea Green Foundation Award at the IBM Call for Code Hackathon in March. The young Cloudbric dev has also made an impressive presentation on the topic of Threat Intelligence API Go + Python at one of the online events hosted by the GDG (Google Developer Group) Golang Korea. Cloudbric is excited to see our members excel in personal development, and thus be more productive in our work.

Please show your continued support for Cloudbric members in our endeavors!

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