Cloudbric Partners With Analytics Company Lyze For Cyber Threat Initiative

Cloudbric has entered into a strategic partnership with Lyze, a blockchain-based investment analysis information platform that uses AI and data mining technologies, to collaborate on sharing hacker wallet address information and preventing hacking incidents.

Lyze leverages blockchain and data analytics capabilities to provide transparent and objective investment information. Lyze aims to decentralize investment data with the help of collective intelligence, as driven by data scientists, domain experts, and community members.

Through this partnership, Cloudbric will collect fraudulent wallet addresses, and Lyze will analyze it to help predict wallet address information such as crypto transfer patterns of potential hackers and provide it back to Cloudbric. This information will be available on Cloudbric Labs, a decentralized threat community with various security tools.

Cloudbric Labs is also currently working on a hacker data sharing service to protect cryptocurrency assets. It is expected to be launched within the first quarter of this year. This is beneficial to Cloudbric as it aims to deliver the first universal database that offers a comprehensive collection of known phishing sites, crypto fraud addresses, and other malicious sites for users to reference.

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Originally published at on January 25, 2019.

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