Cloudbric Progress Report (10/24 ~ 11/6)

Greetings, from Cloudbric.
Here’s the latest from Cloudbric: for October 24th to November 6th.

  1. Technology Developments

*Remote Access Solution
→ Feature updates : 100% Complete (Development Target: November 2020)
→ Cloudbric Remote Access Solution is an enterprise VPN replacement for the remote workforce in any organization. Simple to implement (no need for any hardware or software installations) and secure with ‘3-Layer Security,’ Remote Access Solution is available for companies now.

  • [User] Authentication method added
  • [Console] User log feature added
  • [Infrastructure] Additional service regions set up

*Cloudbric Labs (cyber threat information data platform based on blockchain technology)
→ Support for Hacker Wallet Address and Phishing URL API: 40% complete (estimated time of completion: 2021 1Q)

  • Updated the Hacker Wallet Address and Phishing URL list.
  • Analysis for method of implementing API.
  • Development of the APIs and related technical documents.

*Cryptobric v2.0
→ Mobile App for securing your digital assets with CLBK wallet support
→ Add ‘KLAY’ as supported cryptocurrency and Klip* integration using Klip App2App API: 20% complete (estimated time of completion: December 2020)
*Klip: a digital asset wallet for Klaytn-based cryptocurrencies from Kakao

  • Analyzing App2App SDK
  • UI planning and design underway

*Cryptobric — SWG
→ Encrypted personal information and secured internet connection: 45% complete (estimated time of completion: end of 2021 1Q)

  • Reviewing the direction of cryptographic communication technology and seeking ways to implement it.
  • Planning details on design and server deployment architecture.

*VISION (Deep Learning Security Engine) Commercialization
→ Source code analysis for VISION commercial structuring VISION: 45% Complete (estimated time of completion: end of 2021 2Q)
→ Commercial module development: 30% complete(estimated time of completion: end of 2021 2Q)

  • Revisions for improvements regarding source code and engine.
  • Review of additional lists to be included in the supervised learning of the Deep Learning Engine.
  • Ongoing review of different learning strategies by domain.

2. Cloudbric News

  • Cloudbric has been selected by the Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups as a Network Security Service Provider for the 2020 K-Voucher Platform. As a newly named Service Provider, Cloudbric will now offer our ‘Remote Access Solution,’ a simple and secure way to connect for any organization, to the SMEs and Startups in Korea through the Platform. Organizations that wish to try out Cloudbric RAS may be reimbursed up to 90% of the service cost for 8 months, so please get in touch for your offer!
    > To apply for K-Voucher:
    > Cloudbric RAS Intro:
    *Please note the K-Voucher platform is only available in Korean
  • Cloudbric is participating in ICW2020 (ICT Cyber World 2020), the largest online showcase from the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, in collaboration with the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), and many other public organizations. Check out the many offerings from Cloubric including SWAP (Smart Web Application Protection) and RAS (Remote Access Solution) at our booth:

3. Security News

  • Billions of stolen credentials from defunct breach index site leaked online — Silicon Angle
    More than 23,000 hacked databases covering billions of credentials have been leaked from a now-defunct breach index site and are being offered for download on hacking forums and Telegram. The data came from Cit0Day, a website that was offering the databases for sale to hackers for a monthly fee.
  • McAfee: 7.5 million attacks on cloud accounts recorded in Q2 — CloudPro
    Approximately 7.5 million external attacks were recorded against cloud accounts during the second quarter, with over 200,000 of those against UK business, security firm McAfee has revealed. The UK has been ranked seventh on a top ten list showing the most cloud attacks by region, with just over 200,000.
  • Italian beverage vendor Campari knocked offline after ransomware attack — ZDNet
    Campari Group, the famed Italian beverage vendor behind brands like Campari, Cinzano, and Appleton, has been hit by a ransomware attack and has taken down a large part of its IT network. The attack took place last Sunday, on November 1, and has been linked to the RagnarLocker ransomware gang, according to a copy of the ransom note shared with ZDNet by a malware researcher who goes online by the name of Pancak3.

Cloudbric offers cloud-based security services including WAF, DDoS Protection, and SSL. Visit us and protect your website now!

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