Cloudbric Progress Report (3/27 ~ 4/9)

Greetings, from Cloudbric.

Here’s the latest from Cloudbric: for March 27th to April 9th.

  1. Technology Developments

*ADDoS(Advanced DDoS Protection) Dashboard
→ Development of ADDoS Dashboard for client UI: 100% complete (estimated time of completion: 2021 1Q)

  • Technical coverage review completed
  • DB design and back-end development completed
  • Functional testing complete
  • New Dashboard feature updated

*Blockchain service development
→ Development of database management based on blockchain technology: 20% complete (estimated time of completion: 2021 2Q)

  • Technical review in progress

→ New product development re: CLBK Tokens : 20% complete (estimated time of completion: 2021 3Q)

  • Technical review in progress

*Remote Access Solution
→ Supported protocols added: 40% complete (estimated time of completion: 2021 2Q)
→ Cloudbric now provides a stronger infrastructure security for the service. The updated dashboard and report presents users with usage and service status for a better user experience.

  • Technical review completed
  • New system components and coverage reviewed
  • Frontend UI planning in progress

*Cloudbric Labs (cyber threat information data platform based on blockchain technology)
→ Support for Hacker Wallet Address and Phishing URL API: 40% complete (estimated time of completion: 2021 1Q)

  • Updated the Hacker Wallet Address and Phishing URL list.
  • API implementation methods analysis.
  • Development of the APIs and related technical documents.

*Cryptobric v2.0
→ Mobile App for securing your digital assets with CLBK wallet support
→ Users can view and transfer funds (either CLBK, Cloudbric’s own cryptocurrency or KLAY, a Klyatn cryptocurrency) in ‘Klip’ wallet, integrated into Cryptobric(2020.12). Check our medium post below for a step-by-step guide for integrating Klip!
*Klip: a digital asset wallet for Klaytn-based cryptocurrencies from Kakao

  • Cryptopbric — SWG
    → Encrypted personal information and secured internet connection: 45% complete(Hacker Wallet Address and Phishing URL API Blocking) (estimated time of completion: end of 2021 2Q)
  • Reviewing the direction of cryptographic communication technology and seeking ways to implement it.
  • Planning details on design and server deployment architecture.

*VISION (Deep Learning Security Engine) Commercialization
→ Source code analysis for VISION commercial structuring VISION: 30% Complete (estimated time of completion: end of 2021 2Q)
→ Commercial module development: 30% complete(estimated time of completion: end of 2021 2Q)

  • Revisions for improvements regarding source code and engine.
  • Review of additional lists to be included in the supervised learning of the Deep Learning Engine.
  • Ongoing review of different learning strategies by domain.

2. Cloudbric News

It’s no news to the Cloudbric followers that the Cloudbric cryptocurrency CLBK has been newly developed on the Klaytn platform, a Kakao blockchain mainnet, and thus replaces our old Ethereum-based CLB token. (We announced a CLB→CLBK swap event on BitForex back in March.) Because Cloudbric(CLBK) is a KCT, or a Klaytn Compatible Token, we are able to partake in KLAYswap, the new AMM protocol for Klaytn Network, bringing you the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) market to the general users to support immediate swap between Klaytn-based cryptocurrency. Check out how the CLBK-KLAY pair is doing on KLAYswap and earn additional KSP rewards by participating in the pool voting.

> “CLBK-KLAY pair added to KLAYswap” on Medium (LINK)
> “KLAYswap,” an instant swap protocol for Klaytn DeFi (LINK)

In another note, Cloudbric is giving out DOUBLE Rewards for Crypto App scans on Cryptobric for 4 weeks! Everyone knows the Cryptobric App, a digit asset security app for protecting personal mobile devices, has been updated to version 2.0 and now includes Klip wallet service. Update your Cryptobric App to the latest version and receive 100 CLBK for running Crypto App scans on Cryptobric, beginning Sunday, April 11th, 2021.

> Learn more about our ‘DOUBLE REWARD EVENT’ (LINK)
> Download ‘Cryptobric’ app on Google Play (LINK)

3. Security News

  • Hacker sells $38M worth of gift cards from thousands of shops — Bleeping Computer
    A Russian hacker has sold on a top-tier underground forum close to 900,000 gift cards with a total value estimated at $38 million. The database contained cards from thousands of brands and may originate from an older breach at the now-defunct discount gift card shop Cardpool.
  • Hackers actively targeting unsecured SAP installs, DHS, SAP and Onapsis warn — SC Media
    Multiple hackers are actively targeting SAP installations that have not updated in nearly a year or use poor account management. The warning, which came from the Department of Homeland Security, SAP and Onapsis, is based on research documenting activity in the wild.
  • Third-party security breach compromises data of Singapore job-matching service — ZDNet
    Personal details of 30,000 individuals in Singapore may have been illegally accessed, following a security breach that targeted a third-party vendor of a job-matching organization, Employment and Employability Institute (e2i). It was notified of the incident three weeks ago on March 12.