Cloudbric Progress Report (4/4 ~ 4/17)

Greetings, from Cloudbric.
Here’s the latest from Cloudbric: for April 4th to April 17th.

  1. Tech Developments

*Cloudbric Labs (cyber threat information data platform based on blockchain technology)
→ Blacklist IP API upgrade : 100% complete (estimated time of completion: 2020 1Q)
→ Support for Hacker Wallet Address and Phishing URL API: 25% complete (estimated time of completion: 2020 2Q)

  • Updated the list on Data Risk Logic improvement criteria
  • Considering ways to increase the stability of current procedures for processing Labs black IP data.
  • Upgraded the logic for assigning threat scores to threat data
  • New scoring system implemented
  • New scripts that periodically generate DB tables
  • Completed development of the APIs and related technical documents
  • The latest on Cloudbric Labs ( Black IP will be updated in early May

*Cryptpbric v2 (Personal Security App of Cryptocurrency hacking)
VPN + Phishing URL auto-block function: 35% complete (estimated time of completion: end of 2020 2Q)

  • Planning for technology application in progress.
  • Technology applications for VPN and SWG reviewed
  • Implementation plans for application under review

*VISION (Deep Learning Security Engine) Commercialization
→ Source code analysis for VISION commercial structuring VISION: 35% Complete.
→ Commercial module development: 10% complete.

  • Revisions for improvements regarding source code and engine.
  • Review of additional lists to be included in the supervised learning of the Deep Learning Engine
  • Ongoing review of different learning strategies by domain

2. Business and Marketing Side Update

  1. With help from Europe’s largest cyber threat intelligence advisory group, Cloudbric will be running penetration testing on our own site. We hope to witness the effectiveness of Cloudbric’s advanced web application firewall objectively.

2. Cloudbric is hosting a webinar on Cloud Web Protection. Join us on April 23rd if you’re interested in cloud security. Ask for more details.

3. A new product from Cloudbric coming soon! We’re providing ‘something’ to countermeasure the COVID19 situation across the globe. Stay tuned.


  • Wappalyzer discloses security breach after hacker starts emailing users — ZDNet
    Tech company Wappalyzer has disclosed a security incident this week after a hacker began emailing its customers and offering to sell Wappalyzer’s database for $2,000. Wappalyzer did not dispute the fact that it suffered a security breach. As soon as the hacker began email customers, the company sent out an email of its own.
  • Suspected cyber attack closes MSC’s data center — Riviera
    Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) is battling to resume operations from its headquarters after what appears to be a cyberattack on its Swiss data center. MSC said it closed down servers at its Geneva, Switzerland, head-office and was tackling outages that brought down its website and myMSC portal.
  • Over 500,000 Zoom accounts sold on hacker forums, the dark web — Bleeping Computer
    Over 500 hundred thousand Zoom accounts are being sold on the dark web and hacker forums for less than a penny each, and in some cases, given away for free. These credentials are gathered through credential stuffing attacks where threat actors attempt to login to Zoom using accounts leaked in older data breaches. The successful logins are compiled into lists that are sold to other hackers.

Cloudbric offers cloud-based security services including WAF, DDoS Protection, and SSL. Visit us and protect your website now!

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