Cloudbric Progress Report (8/15 ~ 8/28)

Greetings, from Cloudbric.
Here’s the latest from Cloudbric: for August 15th to August 28th.

  1. Tech Developments

*Cloudbric Labs (cyber threat information data platform based on blockchain technology)
→ Malicious IP (Blacklist IP) Block service in development: 90% complete (estimated time of completion: 2020 3Q)
→ Support for Hacker Wallet Address and Phishing URL API: 30% complete (estimated time of completion: 2020 3Q)

  • Plans to develop a service that blocks all Malicious IPs(Blacklist IP) using the ‘Blacklist IP API’
  • Analysis for method of implementing Blacklist IP API completed
  • Completed server load test after applying Blacklist IP API
  • Front UI/UX for cybersecurity (blocking malicious traffic) completed
  • Front UI integration with Malicious IP (Blacklist IP) API completed
  • Functions/QA testing in progress.

*Cryptobric v1.0 -> 2.0
→ Deposit/withdrawal feature update : 100% complete (estimated time of completion: 2020 3Q)

  • User Account feature development completed (New user registration, login, etc.)
  • Deposit/withdrawal functions development completed
  • Cryptobric download link(ver2.0)
    Google Play:

*Cryptobric v2
→ Encrypted personal information and secured internet connection : 45% complete (estimated time of completion: end of 2020 4Q)

  • Planning for technology application in progress.
  • Reviewing the direction of cryptographic communication technology and seeking ways to implement it
  • Implementation plans for application under review
  • Planning details on design and server deployment architecture

*VISION (Deep Learning Security Engine) Commercialization
→ Source code analysis for VISION commercial structuring VISION: 45% Complete.
→ Commercial module development: 25% complete.

  • Revisions for improvements regarding source code and engine.
  • Review of additional lists to be included in the supervised learning of the Deep Learning Engine
  • Ongoing review of different learning strategies by domain

2. Business and Marketing Side Update
Wizlynx Group, a Cyber Security Services company based out of Switzerland, were commissioned to perform a full web application penetration test of Cloudbric’s Service. SANS trained, CREST and GIAC certified security experts were used to audit and test for vulnerabilities. Following the highest guidelines for testing, such as OSSTMM and PTES, a total of 1,738 attack payloads were performed and all of them were blocked by Cloudbric’s Service, certifying that Cloudbric WAF protects against all known OWASP 10 vulnerabilities.


  • Blackbaud Faces Class Action Lawsuit After Data Breach — The Non-Profit Times
    A petition for a class action lawsuit against software and data services giant Blackbaud has been filed with the United States District Court District of South Carolina in Charleston after a system breach exposed donor data to hackers. The suit stems from a data breach that happened on Feb. 7 and was not discovered by the company until May 14. Users were not notified until July, as reported exclusively by The NonProfit Times.
  • Winbond gearing up to build IoT security ecosystem in Taiwan — DIGITIMES
    Taiwan-based mobile and specialty DRAM maker Winbond is aggressively making deployments in IoT information security seeking to pioneer the establishment of a related ecosystem in Taiwan. Winbond chairman Arthur Chiao said there will be up to 46 billion smart IoT devices in operation by 2025, 10 times the total number of smartphones in use, showing huge business opportunities.
  • 75% of APAC Consumers Feel That Personal Data Security Is Beyond Their Control; 96% Prioritize Convenience Over Security — CPO Magazine
    75% of respondents to F5’s recent Curve of Convenience 2020 report felt that they were not the most responsible party in terms of securing personal data. 43% felt that should fall to businesses, while 32% believe it’s a matter that the government is most responsible for. In addition, a whopping 96% responded that they will continue to use an app even when a breach has been discovered.

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