Cloudbric Progress Report (9/12 ~ 9/25)

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Greetings, from Cloudbric.
Here’s the latest from Cloudbric: for September 12th to September 25th.

  1. Tech Developments

*Cloudbric Labs (cyber threat information data platform based on blockchain technology)
→ Malicious IP(Blacklist IP) Block service in development: 100% complete
→ Support for Hacker Wallet Address and Phishing URL API: 40% complete (estimated time of completion: 2020 4Q)

  • Malicious IP(Blacklist IP) Block function updated in Cloudbric user Console
  • Cloudbric has updated the list of Malicious IP addresses (Blacklist IP) based on more advanced, reliable standards. In line with this new standard, the Malicious IP data is updated daily, which is then stored using blockchain technology.
    This integration of cybersecurity threat data with blockchain technology is significant as it is a first attempt for any security company to tie blockchain with security data.
    Currently only Cloudbric provides services based on blockchain-integrated Malicious IP list, but we hope to extend the data usage to other companies via API, for a safer, more secure online environment for everyone.

*Cryptopbric — SWG
→ Encrypted personal information and secured internet connection : 45% complete (estimated time of completion: end of 2020 4Q)

  • Planning for technology application in progress.
  • Reviewing the direction of cryptographic communication technology and seeking ways to implement it
  • Implementation plans for application under review
  • Planning details on design and server deployment architecture

*VISION (Deep Learning Security Engine) Commercialization
→ Source code analysis for VISION commercial structuring VISION: 45% Complete.
→ Commercial module development: 25% complete.

  • Revisions for improvements regarding source code and engine.
  • Review of additional lists to be included in the supervised learning of the Deep Learning Engine
  • Ongoing review of different learning strategies by domain

2. Business and Marketing Side Update
Cloudbric is gaining popularity in the global market according to our valuable partners and clients. Hence, our incorporation in the US was to answer to the needs of our global users. One of the reasons that Cloudbric was able to gain brand recognition in the overseas market, we believe, was our high-quality contents. Posts such as our “WAF (Web Application Firewall) Dissatisfaction” series part 1, 2, and 3 as well as informative contents like “5 Types of Remote Access Hacking Opportunities Hackers Exploit During COVID-19 (Link)” have become popular, even for audience not in the cybersecurity industry. Check our more quality reading material from the Cloudbric Blog (Link).


  • Penta Security Achieves ISO 27001:2015 Certification for Information Security — PR Newswire
    Penta Security announced that the company achieved certifications to ISO 9001, 14001, and 27001 for its quality, environmental, and information security management practices. These certifications achieved by Penta Security are published by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and are globally recognized for the qualification of companies’ quality management processes.
  • AUTOCRYPT Announces Official Partnership with NXP for Integrated V2X Security Solutions — PR Newswire
    AUTOCRYPT Co., Ltd. announced its partnership with NXP Semiconductors in several automotive security-related applications beginning with secure V2X. As an official partner of NXP, support for AutoCrypt V2X will be streamlined across NXP’s V2X-related offerings, including the SAF5X00 modem chipsets and the SXF1800 Secure Element IC for V2X Communication, as well as the i.MX 8 Series Application Processor. By integrating AUTOCRYPT’s IEEE 1609.2-compliant V2X security solution onto NXP’s platform, secure exchange of V2X messages, as well as performance optimization, can be achieved more effectively.
  • Tennessee healthcare data breach impacts 235,000 patients — The Daily Swig
    The University of Tennessee Medical Center has announced a data breach impacting a reported 235,000 people. The breach was a result of the Blackbaud cyber-attack in May 2020, which exposed the personal data of thousands of individuals around the world. Blackbaud, a third-party software provider, provides support and management tools for fundraising and is used by charities and other organizations worldwide.

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