Cloudbric services now available on Kakao’s Digital Asset Wallet, ‘Klip’!

Greetings, from Cloudbric.

Cloudbric services, including Klaytn-based CLBK tokens as well as cryptocurrency security app Cryptobric, will be available on Klaytn digital asset wallet ‘Klip’, beginning 3:00 PM on Wednesday, July 1st.

*Klip is a digital asset wallet service accessible directly through KakaoTalk.There is no need for additional installation of any apps or software, and users may login using existing Kakao credentials.

<Token Menu — CLBK Onboarding>
Check out Cloudbric CLBK tokens on Klip! Click the ‘more’ icon (three dots in a row, forth icon next to friends (person icon), chat (chat bubble icon), and search (hashtag icon)) at the bottom right of your Kakaotalk screen to access all services on the Kakao platform. From there, click on ‘Services’ (16th icon black and white on the bottom right, 4 square boxes), then ‘Klip’ (20th icon on the bottom right, squarish paper clip shape) to get to the digital wallet. You can join ‘Klip’ using your existing Kakao login credentials. (All you need to set is a 6-digit password.) Once you’ve launched Klip, you can add Cloudbric (CLBK) by clicking ‘add tokens’.

<Services menu — Cryptobric Onboarding>
Cryptobric is also available in the Klip Services menu — Technology/Security section. You can store your CLBK rewards you’ve earned through Cryptobric inside Klip by using the withdrawal function.
Cloudbric’s cryptocurrency risk analysis app, Cryptobric services will sync up with Klip services soon, so be on the look out!

*Cryptobric analyzes the risks involved with cryptocurrency apps installed on your device with a single scan. Every scan you perform with Cryptobric is rewarded with 50 CLBK tokens.
>Cryptobric on Cloudbric Labs:
>Cryptobric on Google Play:

Cloudbric will continue to strive for a safer cryptocurrency environment.

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