Cloudbric WAF Features Explained

Before our ICO, Cloudbric was already recognized as one of the fastest growing cloud-based WAF providers in the market and known also for providing other website security services like DDoS protection and SSL. Cloudbric’s WAF is a recipient of multiple awards including the “Best SME Award” at the Europe SC Awards and “Website Security Award” at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

WAFs help website owners keep their websites safe from potential web attacks and hackers that look to expose sensitive information.

Cloudbric works as a proxy to monitor, detect, and block malicious HTTP/HTTPS traffic at the application layer (OSI Layer 7). WAFs are used as a preventative measure to block web attacks and are different from network firewalls, anti-virus software, malware scanning, etc.

Take a look below to see what features/benefits Cloudbric has to offer!

Originally published at on January 9, 2019.

Cloudbric offers cloud-based security services including WAF, DDoS Protection, and SSL. Visit us and protect your website now!

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