Cryptobric 3.0 released, which incorporated a Cloud-based mobile Secure Web Gateway (SWG).

Greetings, from Cloudbric.

Cryptobric v3.0 has just been released, which means that Cloudbric has successfully incorporated a Cloud-based mobile Secure Web Gateway (SWG) through Cryptobric 3.0.

Main features of Cryptobric v3.0

1. SWG(Secure Web Gateway)

SWG is a technology that protects the user from Web-based threats in the internet by blocking the threats, such as hacking, from accessing the Endpoint. The incorporation of SWG means that Cloudbric will be able to better protect the individual users from hacking threats using this technology.

Using the SWG feature has never been easier. Just press the SWG button located in the Cryptobric’s main page, and the SWG will be activated, which will stop the user from accessing any Phishing URLs.

2. Report a threat information

The menu to report any threat information (Fake Crypto wallet address, Phishing URL) has been added.

This is a part of the rewards program renewal by Cryptobric, which is intended to implement an equal rewards program for all users.

The specifics of the reward for reports will be announced after the renewal has been updated, and upon the installation of Cryptobric v3.0, the rewards for the reports will be sent retroactively. Please let us know if you find any URLs that need to be blocked or hacked Crypto wallets.

Features such as scanning Crypto Apps, gift shops accepting CLBK and KLAY, will remain the same as before, which will be available for use after completing the Customer verification.

● Download Android Version

※ Currently the SWG and Report threat information functions are only available for Android.

※ You may also download Cryptobric from Cloudbric Labs.
> Cloudbric Labs :

Cloudbric will continue the effort to provide the best security for the Blockchain lifestyle and to improve our service for the users.

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