Cryptobric now rewards CLBK tokens.

Greetings, from Cloudbric!

In April, we performed a swap of old CLB (ERC-20) tokens into Klaytn-based CLBK (KCT) tokens. Consequently, Cryptobric will begin to reward CLBK tokens — instead of old CLB tokens — as your incentive for scanning your device with our app.

To receive your CLBK token reward, please update your Cryptobric App from the current 1.0 version to the new 1.0.1 version. The new 1.0.1 version of the Cryptobric App is also readily available on Google Play; now, Cryptobric users can use the Cloudbric Labs website or Google Play to download the app.

>Cloudbric Labs download link:
>Google play store link:

Please note in order to receive your CLBK token rewards, you must register a Klaytn-based wallet address (Klaytn EOA), not the Ethereum-based (ERC-20) wallet on your newly installed 1.0.1 version Cryptobric.

*What is a Klaytn-based wallet? A cryptocurrency wallet that is used within the Klaytn ecosystem. A Klaytn-based wallet can be created using a Kaikas web wallet provided as a browser plug-in.

Also note that your June scan incentive (rewarded July 15th) will be CLB tokens, and CLBK tokens will be rewarded beginning August 17th as your July scan incentive.

<What is Cryptobric?>
Cryptobric scans your mobile device to find any risks associated with cryptocurrency apps installed on your device. 50 CLBK tokens are rewarded for every scan you perform using Cryptobric (reward limited to once a week)

Cloudbric will continue to strive for a safer cryptocurrency ecosystem for everyone with Cryptobric.

Cloudbric offers cloud-based security services including WAF, DDoS Protection, and SSL. Visit us and protect your website now!

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