Introducing the updated Cryptobric 2.0!

Greetings, from Cloudbric.

Cryptobric has been updated to version 2.0 with brand new features.

The biggest revision from the old version is the new crypto-wallet feature; users can now deposit and withdraw CLBK tokens directly on the Cryptobric app. Read on for a quick guide on the updated features of Cryptobric.

> New User Registration and Wallet Address Generation (Cryptobric embedded)
Users must now register with a valid email address to use Cryptobric for a safer, more secure transaction of your digital assets. Once you register as a new user on the Cryptobric App, a unique cryptocurrency wallet address is generated automatically and stored in the app. (You can check your unique wallet address by clicking on the ‘Wallet’ icon at the bottom of the main screen.) You can use this wallet address to transfer CLBK coins in other wallets to be stored in the Cryptobric app.

Cloudbric will also send you an email with a QR code that will be used to check your one-time authentication code to send your CLBK coins later. Please make sure to check you have received this mail, and check your spam box if you have not.

> Wallet Function
1) Receive
You can move your CLBK coins stored elsewhere and deposit them in your unique wallet within the Cryptobric App.

Click the ‘Wallet’ icon on the bottom of the main screen to access your crypto-wallet, now part of your Cryptobric App. Click the blue ‘Receive’ text button to reveal your unique wallet address. You can copy and use this address to receive your CLBK coins stored in cryptocurrency exchanges, app wallets (ex. Klip), or web wallets (ex. Kaikas). Please use the ‘Send’ function in the wallets mentioned above to transfer your CLBK, after which you will be able to see the successful transaction history on Cryptobric.

2) Send
You can also send your CLBK coins from Cryptobric to other digital wallets you own. Click the ‘Wallet’ icon, then the ‘Send’ text button to transfer your CLBK coins. The minimum quantity that you can send is 50 CLBK, and you may only transfer your CLBK coins to Klaytn-based wallets. You must use the QR code you received in your email (after your user registration) to proceed with the OTP authentication process to complete the transfer.

*Please make sure you have the Google Authenticator app installed on your device before you transfer your CLBK coins. (You can download the Google Authenticator on Google Play.)

3) Withdrawal (Transfer) Unit
Cryptobric allows withdrawal (transfer) of your CLBK coins up to the 6th decimal figure. Ex. 0.000001 CLBK

*There is no commision or transfer fee when sending or receiving CLBK using Crytptobric.
*You must transfer (withdraw or deposit) CLBK, NOT the old CLB coins, to and from Klaytn-based wallets (ex. Klip, Kaikas, etc.)

> What are ‘Points’
You will now receive ‘Points’ instead of ‘CLBK’ when you perform ‘Scans’ using Cryptobric. This is to differentiate between CLBK coins stored in the wallet of the Cryptobric app. Points you collect by performing Crypto app scans will still be paid out as CLBK on a 1:1 ratio (50 Points = 50 CLBK). However, you will now receive your CLBK coins in the digital wallet within the Cryptobric app, instead of the digital asset wallet you had previously registered. So you will still be compensated with CLBK coins, converted from Points you collect, and the payment will be sent to the Cryptobric wallet by 17:00 on the 15th of the following month (unless the 15th is a public holiday, in which case the payment will be made the next business day).

You may, of course, withdraw or transfer your earned CLBK coins to other digital wallets you manage.

You can check your earned Points by clicking the ‘Settings’ icon on the bottom right of the main screen, then the ‘My Information’ menu on the following screen. Click the ‘Learn more >’ text button to view your reward history.

*As the Cryptobric app includes its own cryptocurrency wallet feature, Cloudbric no longer provides the transaction history on your previous wallet registered with Cryptobric. Please check the platform on which your previous wallet was based on.
*The reward for the Crypto app scans you performed before the Cryptobric 2.0 update (August 1st ~ August 16th, 2020) will be deposited to your previous wallet address on September 15th.

We hope that this guide was useful in getting know the new features in the updated Cryptobric version 2.0

Cryptobric will continue to strive for a safer, more secure cryptocurrency ecosystem for everyone.

Thank you for your support.

* Cryptobric download link
> Google Play:

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