KLAY by Klaytn is now available on Cryptobric!

Greetings, from Cloudbric.

KLAY by Klaytn is now available on Cryptobric; because Cryptobric now offers integration with Klip wallet. Users can conveniently access CLBK tokens by Cloudbric in addition to the KLAY tokens on the Klip wallet.

Cryptobric offers feature upgrades via App2App by Klip.

Please read below for details on how to use Klip on Cryptobric

[Connecting Klip wallet (KLAY, CLBK)]

1) Install the new version of Cryptobric (2.1.0) from Google Play.
2) Click the ‘Wallet’ menu on the bottom menu bar of the main screen

3) Click on the ‘Add Klip Wallet’ button to sign into your Klip account and agree to the privacy policy
4) Once you agree to the privacy policy, you will automatically be redirected back to the Cryptobric app.
5) You can now see your CLBK and KLAY tokens in the Klip Wallet account below the default Cryptobric Wallet.

[Utilizing the connected Klip wallet (KLAY , CLBK)]

*Checking your wallet address
Checking your QR code and your wallet address: Click on the QR code icon on the top right corner of each wallet to check your wallet address. You can copy your address or use the QR code on the pop-up screen.

Copying your wallet address: You can also directly copy your address onto the clipboard using the copy icon (two overlapping squares) next to the QR code icon.

*Transferring funds
1) Click on the ‘Send’ button on the wallet you wish to withdraw from.

2) Read the precautionary notes on transferring your funds and enter the relevant details.

  • Amount: as small as 6 decimal places below 0 (ex. 0.000001 KLAY)
  • Wallet Address: enter a Klaytn-based wallet address

3) Click the ‘Confirm’ button

4) Reconfirm your password on Klip to finish the transaction.

5) You will be redirected back to Cryptobric after a successful transaction

*Transaction History

1) Click on the ‘All Transactions’ button on the relevant wallet.
2) Review your transactions in the Transactions history

*TIP! You can copy wallet addresses onto the clipboard from the transactions history


  • You can only transfer funds to the same cryptocurrency based wallets (CLBK to CLBK, KLAY to KLAY)

Cloudbric continues to reward points for scanning cryptocurrency apps on your mobile device.

> Points?
CLBK tokens rewarded for scanning cryptocurrency apps on your mobile device are now called ‘Points.’ We have changed the designation to distinguish the reward system from the actual currency stored in the wallet. Each point rewarded will be reimbursed as CLBK tokens at a 1:1 ratio. (1 Point = 1 CLBK) We will continue to provide reimbursements on the 15th of every month for the scans performed during the previous month; however, we now deposit CLBK tokens to the Cryptobric wallet instead of a user-provided 3rd party wallet.

You can transfer the CLBK funds freely to any other Klaytn-based wallets later.

* Learn more about your Points history in ‘Settings’ menu > ‘My Information’ > ‘Learn more’

We hope that this guide on using the updated Cryptobric app was helpful. Thank you for your continued support in creating a safer, more secure cryptocurrency experience.

Cryptobric Download : http://reurl.kr/D9F9879QQ

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