Withdrawing CLBK tokens from Cloudbric Labs

Greetings from Cloudbric!

As of April 6 at 12:00 PM (KST), the CLB(ERC-20) token mainnet was upgraded to CLBK(KCT) coins. Accordingly, you can now withdraw CLBK tokens you received through the Cloudbric Labs website for your contributions to Threat DB, or through Airdrop and other events.

Please refer to the following for details on how to withdraw your CLBK tokens.

>Cloudbric labs : https://labs.cloudbric.com/

*The following only applies to registered Cloudbric Labs members.
*Your crypto-wallet address must be compatible with Klaytn. You may use cryptocurrency wallets such as Kaikas, a Klaytn web wallet, or other wallet applications that support Klaytn. If you don’t already have one, Cloudbric recommends creating a Klaytn web wallet.

Withdrawal Amount
*Maximum amount of withdrawal per day (including transaction fees): 1,000,000 CLBK
*Maximum amount of withdrawal per transaction (including transaction fees): 500,000 CLBK
*Minimum amount of withdrawal per transaction: 1,000 CLBK

Withdrawal Procedure
*Once the withdrawal request is submitted, Cloudbric Labs will review and confirm your request to withdraw your CLBK tokens.
*If you make withdrawal request between Monday and Sunday of this week, Cloudbric Labs will have the results of your request by Tuesday of next week.
In case Monday and Tuesday are both holidays in Korea, the results of your withdrawal request will be available by Thursday.

1. Log-in to Cloudbric Labs then click on the ‘Dashboard’ menu > Click the ‘Withdrawal’ tab, then click the ‘Request Withdrawal’ button on the bottom right of the page

2. Type in the amount you wish to withdraw then click the ‘Request Withdrawal’ button.

1) Address: type in your Klaytn wallet address that you own in the text box
2) Type in the amount you wish to withdraw. (You may withdraw the maximum amount by clicking the ‘Max’ button.)
3) Read the Cloubric’s CLBK withdrawal terms and conditions then check the box to agree.
4) Type in the security text in the box and click the ‘Request Withdrawal’ button.

3. Checking the status of your withdrawal request

The results are shown in 4 different categories.

Pending: The withdrawal request has been submitted and is awaiting review by Cloudbric Labs.
In Progress: Cloudbric Labs is reviewing your request for withdrawal.
Complete: Your withdrawal request has been approved and processed. You can click in the ‘Transaction ID’ shown to check the details.
Cancelled: You or Cloudbric Labs has canceled the request for withdrawal.

We hope the withdrawal guide we provided has been useful! Cloudbric Labs will always strive to improve and to become a better community for our users.

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